Thursday, April 30, 2009

Winthrop outting

We were expecting the power to be off all day for repairs (never happened) so we took a trip to Winthrop with a stop over at our favorite breakfast place "Tootsies" which for those of you that have never been there... makes the absolute best cinnamon rolls to ever dance upon your palate.
Upon arriving, we found it closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. But we are of hearty stock and decided to continue our trip to Winthrop and have breakfast there... however, they stopped serving breakfast at 11 so we had a super lunch at "Three finger Jacks."

A word of caution: At this restaurant, share. The portions are huge!!! We walked around and enjoyed this small western town that boasts of herding cattle thru the center during special events.

Sophie went with us. She is such a great canine traveler. We made a rest stop for her before entering the town (pics to the left) and while walking about, she protected us from the wooden carvings of cowboys. Grrrrrrr she is so frightening!

For awhile she wore some mardi gras beads out of season to see if she could be a fashion leader but I don't think it caught on.

Reading the prior postings to this blog, you have probably gotten the gist that we are ready for Spring and Summer. So the following pictures do not make sense. But to get to Winthrop, we must go over the pass on hwy 20. This is what we found:

Betty in front of an avalanche. (Notice the other two plus Sophie did not want to stand there.)

Below: Larry and Sophie after turning the snow to yellow at a rest stop because........

The bathrooms couldn't be entered without a bit of shoveling. It was amazing as we drove along this route. The waterfalls between snow covered rock formations, and even the snowplows made interesting patterns as seen below.

Also as we were intently watching the scenery

Larry and Betty saw a bike along the side of the road that had been there since morning. This was not a hiking area and not somewhere someone would consider to store their bike. It was broke but we picked it up and put it in the trunk (Obviously it would not fit entirely inside.)of the red car and proceeded to freeze the remainder of the trip since the hatch was open.

But this was a "Thia sized bike"!!!

And Larry could fix it!! He took it out at the next rest stop and found it was not in bad shape. I can touch the pedals while on the seat!!!! Its blue and beautiful and it feels like Christmas. (See Santa below without the red outfit and beard)

I just need a little bell and basket. Maybe put some clothes pins with playing cards on the spokes!!!!!!! Geeeeeeeee. Woooooooo Hooooooooo! Vrooooom Vrooooooooooom. I wonder if it will peal or wheelie in all 15 gears! Where are my goggles and helmet! lol Larry says the dingaling will be in the seat. By the way, he rode it first.

In other news - we still are not sure when our golfer from the south along with fade and the bird will be joining us. We had a weekend of the neighbors returning to their homesteads and there was plenty of activity. It was really great seeing this group again. But even last night, met someone new to the resort and had a nice visit.

Today is sunny and Betty and I will be going to town. We all hope all of you are well and that you are having a super day. Till next time.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


We had seen on the local news beautiful fields of tulips in bloom the first week of April. So as you would expect, on the next opportunity down the hill, we went in search of these massive fields of color to help us believe there really was a season called Spring. We found many signs along the highway to guide us. Here is a picture to show you we were really on our way to "TULIP TIME". This was the 3rd sign.

Betty Boop and I were ready with our cameras. The light was good, not perfect, but good enough. We were set to shoot.... Tulips! But, we were only seeing fields like the one in the picture above. Nonetheless, we were resilient and Larry was determined to drive us to our photo op.

Then we started to see some fields..... That was growing... something.

(I still think farmers owe it to the uninformed to put signs up, like "CARROTS" "WHEAT",)

however; we felt we were getting close to our objective.

Isn't this beautiful? Carpets of yellow spreading for miles!

Maybe not the tulips we were looking for, but lovely expanses of these star shaped flowers that I can't remember the name of. We were encouraged. We found flowers!

We WANTED TULIPS. So, we drove on, slowly irritating the cars behind us.

And we found it! Except... they weren't in bloom like the news claimed. At least not in our area, maybe to the south they were blooming. But not us... So, we drove on in the direction now of home, heartbroken.

Then as we reached the final road to the highway we saw something worth screeching the car breaks over.



In other news, our neighbor buddy made it to the Anacortes Tea Party equipped with his sign. He explained, his sign is homegrown and always available and attached to the center of available digits on both of his hands. LOL! He says uses it often and proudly. LOL, gotta just luv him huh! I didn't get a pic. We are hesitant of naming this neighbor because the Department of Homeland Security is wasting dollars on keeping tags on ex-vets and people against abortion (the Pope also?) as being prone to extremist acts like Tim McVeigh's. I find my own middle finger gets overly stimulated with news like that, (and voting in unread stimulus earmarked packages,) but will try to refrain its exuberant flashing towards Ms Napolitano's extremist view against our soldiers whatever their active/inactive status. (Author now removes herself from soapbox proudly and humbly as she has children who have served and one still serving in the Armed Forces while daily views the American flag and Marine Corps flag in the front yard.)

B and L are working ever so hard cleaning up, trimming and chipping of limbs (trees not their own,) painting, plumbing, and all other means necessary to bring the Campground back into top form for the happy little campers that have already started making their way to the readied sites. They also had a day of CPR and First Aid training in which Betty CPR'd the dummies balloon outta its chest. LOL. There is never a camera handy when you need it, and I would have loved to catch her expression and laughter over that one! You should know that L did not miss out on the expected wisecrack as she relayed (no pun intended) the story to me.

Mitzi is thrilled! The past two days of sunshine has unleashed the fearless hunter in her that slept most of the winter. She is in top form and gracing the patio with her gifts. Nonetheless, the blue birds (the big ones) are double teaming her a bit. She went after one, while the other went after her. She is back to nabbing the smaller birds as if the other incident was not viewed. I still have this vision of her flying in the air from the awning, paws with claws spread wide and teeth showing as she catches the little birds in flight... or bats. She got two bats last year... I wouldn't care if she ate all of her carnage or left it as a gift at a neighbors house (not the one with the home grown sign) but insists on this porch.

The tree frogs start up (louder than the crickets and grasshoppers of Texas if you can believe it!) and fill the nite air with their song and amazingly stop all at once at 2:30 am. I guess that is when the karaoke party is over and the froggy bars are closed. I haven't seen one yet, meaning that they are either too smart for Mitzi or she eats the whole thing. Sophie on the other hand must get close to them because she is getting into something that really reeks. I have to hide her soap and sneak her towel so I can catch her for bathing purposes. Doggy treats do not put me back in her good graces. She gives me the eye, only allowing one to sleep at a time.

Via Alexander Graham Bell we are told our golfer to the south should be back soon with the bird. The snow is gone so we are very excited to see finally the blue fade driving past with Sampson the bird annoucing their arrival! Be safe on the road dear friend.

We hope you are all doing fine and enjoying the change of season.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anxious for some sign of Spring.....3-24-09

This is the money that Larry would save if he used GEICO. This is especially true since AIG raised their rates so Larry and Betty could "stimulate and bail" them out from both ends.... taxes and checkbook.... what ends did you think I meant, lol. Attaching the jingle to the commercial didn't quite work out so you are all individually challenged to sing the chorus to "somebody's watching you" in Larry's key while viewing the above pic.
Dinner can be an adventure here. For those with enquiring minds, pictured above is a Rueban Crescent bake with mac salad, (the peas were from the salad which illustrates Larry's ability to design a commercial while simutaneously filling his stomach and playing with his food. Tee he he. We have to talk to his mother about this practice.)
Betty saw Robin's yesterday, a large contingent upon the lawn next to the laundry room looking for food... we believe this is a sign for great things... like a season change. lol. Mitzi is already playing the brave big hunter up here... I can't tell you how thrilled we are to have her accomplishments on the patio to clean up. But, deep down, she is a wooooos! She can yowl and growl with the best of them and will not stop until picked up and comforted. Her nemis'? The vacuum cleaner. She yowls until comforted while it is used. If she is walking with B and L and she doesn't like equipment or some other device on a lot, Betty must carry her past it or she yowwwwwwwls and growwwwwwwls without budging. It is hysterical!
Sophie, on the other hand, is oblivious to most change around her that does not have a direction towards the 7 food groups. She lives for the nutrition pyramid. She does consider herself part of the welcome committe for returning resort owners and squeeks like a toy as they walk by the trailor. Yeah, vicious dog. Squeek , squeek.
Be well and take care.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Daily there is something new to learn, for example: the first day of Spring has the distinction of being the first day after winter in which there is equal daylight and nighttime. I never knew that. Or more likely; learned it, answered it correctly on a school exam, and promptly forgot it like algebra.

It is doubtful the State of Washington was used as a protocol for determining "Spring" as we are still waiting for the summer of 2008 which... hasn't arrived. Today honestly looks like the first day of Autumn... minus the lingering snow along the side of the road. We are "season" challenged here. We have ONE season with numerous types of wet. Today's forecast is as the past few days, "wet, with continued wet, with wet to follow." I think this climate wishes to save all of us from the inconvenience of inflicting change upon us to make adjustments to our lives and wardrobes.

Yesterday marked B and L's first day together back to work at Grandy Creek. As if for the first day of school, (read protocol comment above) I wanted to sharpen pencils, make bologna sandwiches, and pin instructions to their shirts for the boss to return them in the same condition she received them.... lol. But what happened was, leftovers, no note, and the dynamic duo was a little achey when they returned at the end of the day. They are glad to be back to the varying projects and excited to have the season of fun campers to begin.

B and L also have been looking at the motorcycles that have an extra wheel up front. "Spyder" it is called for the googlers amongst us. Okay, I sacrificed opportunity... not a single "age" wisecrack.... I didn't go there or here or anywhere... kept a straight face. However now that it is days later and the middle of the night... Tee he he. I guess it might be time for persons older than myself to consider a tricycle... Albeit front or back extra wheel... Tee he he he. They are waiting for warm weather to take their helmets down and test drive, yeah I know.... gotta get a pic of that!

Speaking of the middle of the night... what would late night TV be without plumbing commercials? ExtenSe (isn't the giggly couple so quaint?), Viva Viagra, urinating tooo much - or not enough, gastric bypass, PMS, PMDD, leakage instruments... everything except roofing... ooooops, lots of hair loss commercials. What is up with that? Can't they confine these topics to infomercial channels? I don't like "Bob" and that big grin. Hey, and a drug channel... they spend 20 seconds on the name of the drug and 2 minutes on the side effects and possible death/damage/ask your doctor disclaimers. lol. Who are they marketing too? Who would ask their Doc for a drug that requires a disclaimer voiced at 100 mph that ends with - may cause untimely death in some persons? Don't you just love the anti-depressant that warns of higher depression or suicide thoughts? NOW that is the drug to try if you are down and out clinically depressed. What are they thinking? I do think that speeding tickets should be issued on all those speed talkers. I am suspicious of all speed talkers; albeit, disclaimers, prayers, or sentences from teens that start with "it wasn't me.... really." If it is worth saying, it can be said at a normal speed.

Larry's profound wisdom rings true. If you are sick of a commercial you are watching too much TV. Yup! But ping pong with Sophie and Mitzi at 2 am isn't advisable either. Sleep doesn't always show up on my multiple choice list.

Well, in celebration of the first day of Spring, I am defrosting some beignet dough (french donuts indigenous to New Orleans) to deep fry this morning for the duo of the day. All of us want to thank those of you sending such positive and humorous support about our blog. I remind you that I have such great ongoing material with B and L, Sophie and Mitzi and the delightful people we come in contact with. We hope for sunny days to all and as always, be well.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Our favorite Betty Boop and I took the Pollyanna "glad game" and our tolerance (or lack thereof) along with our failing sanity and bailed the mountain for the day and drove to the sunshine on the flatlands. Ahhhhh, sunshine let us rediscover you! Reborn and ready for the rainy days on the way. NOT!

We handled some business, we shared a "2 for" at JITB (Jack in the Box for those of you not acquainted intimately) and browsed through some stores we haven't been in for items that we have no idea how we ever lived without them all this time... on sale of course. Saving money now, right!!! HOnestly, how can anyone claim you save money if you don't buy something... on sale... Okay, well... upward and onward.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day simply and without green beer. Nonetheless, the corned beef and cabbage in the refrigerator sings for warm up and serve as a rerun today. Lunch is at 1pm for those of you who would like to leave the sun and join us. Don't rush in all at once now.

Prior to dinner, B and L terrorized poooooor Mitzi on the awning. She will chase your hand if you move it around the underside (see pics below) so B and L each took a side and had her attacking in two different directions. She finally peaked over the edge and I believe she is planning her revenge. Messing with Mitzi can cause damage to your limbs. Crime scene photos to follow.

Be well everyone!

Friday, March 13, 2009

... 8 to 16 inches this weekend?????

To our comrade currently golfing to the south of us.... check out the arrest of the axeman for aqua logging without the proper permits. What a bust when you have your weekly reality show "video logging" ('cuse the pun) your every move. Will he plea bargain from the bench.... stay tuned.

Even listening to Larry serenade Sophie with the song, "Raindrops keep falling on your head" cannot send the impending weather report to our loved ones in ... well anywhere but here. We are expecting 8 to 16 inches of snow this weekend after having 3 days of sunshine after the 5 inches of last weekend. Betty and I are going to put on our big (change that to slender and complimentary) girl panties (change that to lingerie) and cope with it. With that much snow the roofs again might become a concern. As our aforementioned comrade is golfing to the south of us, I can only wonder who will join Larry on the news showing how the Lake Tyee people shovel it best.

Of course we saw on the news an incident on a golf course in Phoenix, Az. A golfer beat up an 11 yr old for touching his ball. Threw the young boy in the bushes and went back to his golf game as if nothing had happened. We wondered if we knew for sure what PART of the south our comrade was golfing in, then remembered the description of the varmit's on our comrade's front porch could only be in California; and he is therefore not associated with incident with 11 yr old. But everyone knows that you never, never touch a golfers ballz, for the golfer plays with them exclusively. We do, however; await the return of our comrade. You are missed... and so is the bird.

The different stages of snow storms has its beauty and wonders. The aftermath has its glories also, the continuance takes us to levels of tolerance and the endearing game of Disney's "Pollyanna." Lately while playing the "glad game" we could only come up with the fact that at least we weren't in Fargo, ND. Lol or is it SD? Is it even in the Dakota's? ROFLOL. Meandering minds need to know.

There is a special program on about the history of Jello. Can't miss this one. Take care everyone and I will write after the thaw.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7, 2009

On and off, we get some snow... and some melts. The temps on some days are warmer, some not. This is either a "some" month or a "none" month... Nonetheless, when the sun isn't shining, we let the brightness from within take over which, is why the name of this blog has the word "mania" in it.

Kem is back and we are so glad to see him looking so well. Equally, we look forward to Eric's emergence to the Tyee roads and his bird Sampson singing into the breeze again. Many have started to come up to look over their properties and prepare for the season. Sophie spent most of yesterday on her favorite ledge to start her tan and Mitzi.... well... she just wants a full time door person (uniform preferred.)

We went to LaConnor to look at the sister KOA in the area. Beautiful day! See left. There were some fawns munching in a front yard of a home near the ferry that were so perfect they seemed like the fake ones that can be purchased. Truly a nice outting. Soon, Betty and Larry will be able to get on the motorcycle along with their buddies and have some fun day trips as the weather warms.


We have been fortunate not to be in the midst of the stagnate fog base enveloping the flatlanders. Yesterday, they had the added element of "freezing fog" which has to be one of the worst phenomena's to drive in. Larry commented that the car never totally warmed up when he took it to town yesterday. I imagine; therefore, it was his and Betty's warming personalities that kept the windshield defrosted

Mitzi is killing us. She is worse than any 10 kids on a summer day. In and out, in and out. When Larry is in his chair, he can open and close the door at her whim. (she whims a lot) And comically he yells at her, "get outta here." It still cracks the women of the house up after all this time... or maybe we are just "cracked up." Nonetheless, Mitzi is undeterred in her control of all of us when she requires the door opened. She can be rather pitiful, or charming, depending on her mood to motivate us to comply with her bidding.

Betty was having a "Lucy Ball day" when the inauguration took place with her comment, "It seems like it was just 30 days ago that we were a month away from the inauguration....." ROFLOL. The mass amounts of snow can be rough ya know??? We make sure to let her outside daily to avoid any long lasting effects of "cabin fever."

Larry took some popcorn leftovers to the neighbors yard (wise move lol) for the raccoons... now numbering 4. (Pics below) my little pal came up on the porch and played some possum with me until I finally got a shot. We have heard the coyotes (even in the late afternoons) but have not seen any. The squirrels are out which keeps Mitzi from getting love handles during the winter but they all move to fast for me to get a true photo op. Giving me a camera was a mixed blessing, teaching others how to delete pics is their saving grace. SAY CHEESE. Tee hee hee.

Larry went out with a spoon and a knife and carved an elephant in the snow. The next day, it melted into woody woodpecker as the trunk was the first to go in the sunlight. Now it looks like Sophie hiding under her blanket when she sees her bathing towel. Hmmm here is a question for the cosmos', why is the front of an elephant the trunk and the rear of a car or person's rumpy called a trunk? Or junk... trunk junk.... oooookay....... onward and upward.

Other than keeping busy with projects, we are all doing fine up here and are hoping the same for all of you. Be well.

Popcorn for 4

Popcorn for 4


Woooooooohooooooooo! Eric gave me a device to upload Thia's pictures from her camera! Thank you, thank you! He is becoming my technowizard when it comes to her camera by finding the best charger for the battery 2 mos ago, and setting all the bells and whistles on the camera itself.

The first pics of the raccoons were taken at a distance... until Thia figured out they couldn't get her through the glass. (Please, don't go there) The two of them were entertaining for a time during the worst of the snow storm, but needed to get back to their wild lifestyles. They resisted at first, but we haven't seen them as much the last few days.

The red car was totally dug out and started on the first try. It's hibernation under so much snow caused no problems and we took it to our friends house for dinner last night (Yummmmmm.) While there, we had the joy of watching the elk gather at the side of their house. An entire herd. Sadly, neither of us brought our cameras. It was a site to behold. They told us they even had a bear near there house on a different night treating itself to the gingerbread house left on an upturned bucket.

There is a red car there.....

There is a red car there.....

And it started on the 1st try

And it started on the 1st try

Our view

Our view

The Aftermath of the Storms

This is how the snow melted on this tree stump outside of the living room window. Looks like a bird, huh?

Many of you have probably seen on TV that we made national news on CNN, HNN, and Fox. Betty and Thia took a ride to Concrete and saw the house that slid down (complete with residents) and were in awe of the site. The mountain was fully snow and tree laden, except for the portion that slid.

The swans, ducks, and geese that we had witnessed walking/skating/sliding across ice covered rivers and wet lands are now floating and able to find food. We have had to discourage the "roxettes" now that they can forage for food also, (they are resisting this new rule) so the view at the sliding glass door has changed entertainment wise, and of course Mitzi has taken on the role of the enforcer. Thia was unable to find the device to upload her pictures (although it is always fun to have the salepersons scratch their heads and not even know what you are talking about), so we will try to find something on another trip to town at different stores. When you see the pics of the raccoons you will know she found success.

The wardrobe has changed for the dynamic shoveling duo. These outfits keep them dryer, they glow in the dark, and is much more practical in the changing climes at the moment. Thia is on her best behavior, as her first inclination was to paint a bullseye dart board on the back of the trousers for snow ballz competitions by oncoming motorists and snowbounders alike........ see poll to the left.

Betty and I feel so fortunate that we have Larry behind the wheel. He is able to traverse any weather or any obstacle it seems. He has helped others up here who did manage to get stuck and they know they can count on him to get it done right.

The red car is almost totally dug out and started on the first try. (pics on Thia's camera) there was so much snow on the top of the car we could no longer see the wishing well at the corner of the property (keeping in mind the wishing well had about 4ft of snow on top of it)

Behind the trailer, we have a snow bank filled with water where the fire pit is in the spring and summer, lol. Anyone wishing a private "polar swim" come on up... however there has been no sun for sun bathing. The weather persons tease us with the forecasts showing the sun... cruel practice!

We have seen some very strange things. This trailor in the picture lost its snow to the front - instead of to the side. It fell in one piece and cracked but stayed standing. Some trailers, sadly even with snow roofs, didn't make it through... there has been damage in various degrees.

We are the lucky ones, or rather Betty and Larry kept up with the storm where this home was concerned to avoid any problems in spite of the fact that a second snow shovel could not be purchased for a time. Larry showed patience and diligence while talking to stores about when some might become available. Some of the responses they gave him were.... weakminded and had us wondering if those people had teeth. Nonetheless, after the snow storms, Larry was able to purchase some shovels.

There is no snow in the forecast at this point..... BUT WE ARE READY. All is well as can be at Mountain Mania and hope the same is for all of you. Until next time.

Power Outages or... losing technology not by choice

A few mornings ago during a snow storm we lost power at about 6:15 am pst. It lasted about 2 1/2 hours. There were lessons to be learned.... again ... from this phenomena.

First off, the flashlight is never where you saw it last.

Not all smokers can find their lighters to ignite a candle in the daylight much less in the dark.

Furniture moves itself onto your walking path jamming any available limb or toe. Furniture shows no mercy.

A pellet stove may warm you cozy; howwwwwever, cozy leaves when you open all the doors and windows to let the smoke from the smoldering pellets escape once the stove exhaust fans cease from power outages. Thia didn't get a picture... but, Larry cleared the smoke out fast by whipping a towel around... (showing he could have lassoed many a steed as a cowboy along with the best of them) and after waking up enough, had an inspiration and took the pellet pan and smoldering coals outside ending the additional bellowing smoke from the stove. Kudos for the inspired. We set the faucets to drip (some are louder than others, why is that?) and awaited the repair to bring back technology into our midst, so much more wiser for "next time."

This is now being typed on the puter battery. Power outage #2 5:45 am pst. AND WE WERE AWESOME!

The flashlight was not where I last saw it, lighters were among the missing, both recliners kicked my rumpy, Betty boop stayed in bed (she has enough bruises from shoveling) and
(drum roll) ta da..... Larry took the pellet pan out first thing and saved us the turmoil of a few daze ago.

I miss the towel/lasso thing tho...

We don't have a snow storm action at this time. We are on our second day of a rain deluge. Although; looking outside yesterday, we still have 5ft or better snow in most area's. And for those who were worried, we see a tiny bit of the red car. It is still pouring, and I am reminded of the story of Noah. The closest thing we have to an arc on Betty Boop drive is the paddle boat currently under the 5ft of snow plus the other 5ft that dropped from the roof on top of it recently. hmmm, kewl!!!!!!! I live with shovelers!!!!!!!

New Years 2009

New Years 2009

Happy New Years!

This beautiful picture depicts our view on the morning of New Years. We have had a few more snow storms since that photo, which has the snow shoveling team of Betty and Larry earning their winter "slush" by shoveling off roofs, sheds, awnings and whatever!!! Sadly; in most cases, it takes more than an hour to break a trail and shovel their way to get close to the trailers. They have had to "pack mule" ladders, shovels, and other gear as the truck cannot go most places. We haven't seen the red car since the December storms; however, we do believe it is still there.

Periodically, a tree dumps it's limbs down their backs and they manage to slip, slide, and laugh their icy booties off. (What a duo!)

Komo News Channel 4 was up here last night to film all of the snow up here. These reporters were on the ball. They thought we had street lights up here???? They slipped right off the bat and broke their portable light so Larry set his up for their use. Larry and Eric were both interviewed. Funny tho.... currently there is a price dispute between Dish and whoooooomever and we can't get that channel, so we have to have it recorded for viewing (roflol) Chances are you can view it yourself by going to the Komo News website.

New York has their famous "Rockettes" dancing on stage... We have our version here in Washington, that I call the "roxette raccoons." They work for food. They have been coming in from the snow onto the covered patio and doing the cancan begging for food at the sliding glass doors. They are not destructive and are not fond of carrots. They do enjoy bread of all types, pork rinds, stale cereal, old tortilla chips, clementines (tangelos to some of you) as a final resort and have a newfound fetish for rice krispy treats. They don't have to ring the door bell or knock as Sophie announces their arrival. Mitzi has started growling at them (yup, this cat can growl) and bravely attacks the glass that separates them. In the summer months when they showed up, she would quietly sit in the outside chair like a statue... Catz are smart. As soon as we get the pictures off of Thia's camera we will post them.

The birds also come for dinner. We have been putting seed along the railing and have become the most popular diner at Tyee. The small birds leave a lookout usually on the tip of the shovel in case the larger birds swoop in. Fasinating to watch. Especially for Mitzi the cat who thinks the bird seed was bought for her convenience in keeping her hunting skills honed. We haven't seen any Eagles, but there is a rafting trip that can be taken... if you can get there on the highway to join the tour.

Evenings are spent working on crafts or projects, visiting with other snowbounders, picking on each other incessantly, occasionally a game of Yahtzee or Skipbo, or watching (and the best part) and commenting on whatever tv or movie that has been chosen. I am sure the actors cannot do their jobs without us yelling, "get outta there!" Or, "don't do that!" Well... you get the idea. Like the cat, we are so much wiser protected by the glass.

Breaking trail

Breaking trail

Tip your head sharp right

Tip your head sharp right
A lot to shovel

Okay, stop tipping now

Okay, stop tipping now